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This is our religion.... this gives us strength ..... these are the sounds of our souls...... this is "The Great Rock Revival"..... this is rock & roll....\m/

   Formed in 2011 by Lead Guitarist; Dylan Mathews.
 *Their debut CD “Strange Weather” was released May 26, 2015 worldwide. "The Great Rock Revival" released Nov. 2017

*They currently playing in and around The South Eastern Market, opened recently for The Pat Travers Band, Saliva, Kelen Heller, Saving Abel, OTEP, Anvil, Green Jelly, Jasin Todd, Michale Graves "The Misfits", Alien Ant Farm, Sean Danielson and Hurt's J Loren, Flaw, 5 Billion Dead, Eve to Adam, Janet Gardner "Vixen"

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